PGTEI Version 0.3 Online Services

Description: You upload a TEI file and you get a converted file back.

This service is meant solely as a convenience for those of you who don't want to install an XSLT processor or validator on your own PC but would like to get some hands-on experience with TEI. It does not mean that PG is committed to PGTEI as markup scheme nor that PG will require anybody to use any markup at all.

Please note: this service uses PGTEI (a 'dialect' of TEI). For questions consult the Guide to PGTEI (zipped).


  1. Download an example file.

  2. Test your browser using the unmodified example file. Click on 'Browse ...', select the example file, click on 'XSLT File' and wait.

  3. Take the example file, cut the old text out (everything inside the <body> and </body> tags) and paste your text in instead. Upload. Repeat.

Note: The translation can take some time. PDF takes longer than HTML and TXT. Also: plays and poetry take much longer than prose. I advise to start working with short texts until the procedure is clear.

PGTEI Version 0.3 Services

Validate TEI file

Validation with xmllint.


TEI to HTML conversion with PG header addition.



Note: TEI files which require images don't work in PDF because you cannot upload more than one file. If you try, you'll just get a defective pdf file.